Saturday, June 6, 2015


I had a dream
But now they are all scattered like a broken mirror,
I am wandering in infinite darkness.
Looking out for the little ray of light.
Whats my destiny?
I am confused and lost in this dreadful world.
All my hopes are gone.
Whats my destiny?
Is the question I keep asking.
I am like butterfly flying in a glass jar,
No way to escape the jar,
If ever I escape the rough winds will shatter me.

I am wandering in infinite darkness.
Looking out for the little ray of light.

A day will come when I find the light.
And then turn into an eagle,
And soar high above the clouds.
God has something in hand for me.
Once the dark clouds move off,
There will be a brighter day with sunshine.
With Hopes in hand,
I keep moving on.

Bindiya Mathew.

Monday, April 4, 2011

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Feelings.........

Every second my Heart Beats for You,
Every second my Eyes Searches You,
Every second my Mind Thinks about You,
Every minite I wish if You were here,
Every minite I miss You when You r'nt around.
I know that You are very far off from me,
But still I Wish If You were only Mine...............

Bindiya Mathew

(This is an old post but i am re-posting it again here for 2011 remains only with 1
post.Thats y ;) )

My Love

The only mistake I did was that I loved him with all my heart,
But never told him this.
I dont want him to know about this,
Nor do I expect any love from him in return.
The fact that I loved him is enough for me,
To spend my whole life alone..........

Bindiya Mathew

Monday, February 16, 2009


One day you will close your eyes forever,
One day you will be freed from pain,
One day your body will become numb,
One day your voice will stop and will be no longer be heard,
One day you will make us cry,
One day you will leave us alone,
That day you will be missed very badly.
But the twinkle of your eyes,
The wagging of your tail,
Your playful nature,
Your dutiful character,
The loud barking voice.
Will constantly ring our memories forever.
And you will be remembered EVERY single DAY!


(Written for my pet dog Rocky)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

There Came a New Fresh Morning

There came a new fresh morning,
Like a new born baby in the hospital wing.
The sun peeped his head from the east,
Making his way through the clouds at rest.
Melting the coldness of the night,
And forming dew on everything.
Then woke the birds,
Singing sweet songs,
And spreading their happiness of the new day.
The sky was first red,
As if a painter's red paint brush,
Has been just dipped in clear water.
Then it changed from red to yellow,
As if someone threw,
Magic petals of yellow from above.
A cold breeze began to blow slowly,
Like a river running shyly.
Then by the light of the day,
The greeness of nature,
Began revealing its beauty.
The break of a new dawn had come,
Bringing joy and freshness to everything.
The happily singing birds,
Seemed to say to the still sleeping people,
"Arise everyone and open your eyes,
For a new beautiful morning has arrived".
And one by one everyone woke up,
And then began the noise and bustle,
Of a newly arrived day.
There came a new fresh morning.
Bindiya Mathew.


Its the feeling that
Comes through fights and quarallels.
Its the feeling that,
Makes enemies.
Its the feeling that
Causes wars.
Its the feeling that,
Takes away happiness & peace of mind.
Its the feeling that,
Destroys relationships.
Its the feeling that,
Creates distance b/w loved ones.
Its the feeling that,
Takes one away from God.
Its the feeling that,
Ultimately leads to Man's fall.
Its the bitter feeling of Hatred.
Bindiya Mathew